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Bring your book idea to life! Refine it, build your structure, craft a premise, write and edit.

Writing a book is an engaging and intense activity, and those that get published put their best foot forward, taking the time to think through the book idea from the beginning. At Audacious, we help you do just that.

This is a nine weeks program that  starts with a day’s writing workshop. We hold our workshops at a beautiful and serene location that sets your creative energies, perfect for the writer in you!

At the end of the work shop, you will have decided why you want to write. You will also start to identify and define your audience, describe your reader’s persona, and refine your book idea.

Refining the structure of your book at the outset will help make writing that much easier, providing control over the flow, and rhythm of your story.

Many writers find it worthwhile to work with a book map or outline to maintain coherence, reduce redundancy and achieve conciseness, easing editing. So at the end of the workshop you will have a better sense of what structure means, and will be better equipped to develop outlines for both creative fiction and creative non-fiction writing. There will be personal reflection time for you to work with your book idea, and start to consider what your structure will probably need to look like.

Finally, we take a short session to understand the elements of style.

After the workshop

You will receive eight personal coaching sessions that will be one and a half hours each week to support you further develop your outline or book map as you start to flesh the book out. At the end of the eight coaching sessions, we expect that you will have a clear outline or book map and your book idea will be taking shape. That can be your first draft.

The coaching sessions will be face to face, or on-line, according to your preference. During that time, you shall develop your own writing goals and set your deadlines.

Your investment
The whole nine weeks program is valued at five hundred ($500) United States dollars or its equivalent in Uganda Shillings.

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