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Business professionals and college or high school students discover the art of creative writing, and writing for business.

Writing is at the core of all professional skill. We can never get away from it.

The young person just out of university will write an application for a job and the way you present yourself on paper speaks volumes about who you are. Most recruiters will not give a badly written resume another thought, regardless how much experience you have, regardless that you always were a star student.

And now, the business that catches the greatest attention in any market must tell a really good story, a story that resonates with the prospect, and it doesn't matter who that prospect is. The prospect may be an investor, financier, employee or buyer.  The well written story gives the business a human face, helping those that interface with it to see it as real, caring and authentic.

Most of all, the professional that has their sights on rising through the ranks must present their business ideas on paper to persuade and convince, not just once but many times over.

The professional and business writing class will teach the basics of professional and business writing to include reports and business proposals, as well as business writing in all its other forms.

Our creative writing class teaches you to tell a compelling story about your business, to showcase solutions and to showcase success. At the creative writing class, participants also learn to craft the short story for fiction, write the feature article for newspaper or magazine and write creatively for fun

The creative writing short course

Business and Professional writing short course

The writing skills course for college and high school students
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